Laura - Moonwalk

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Em                 C                                      G
I'm trying to escape, there's no need to explain
D                                                           Em
Reaching for the moon, I'm flying away
                      C                                 G
Counting the time, back to year sixty-nine
D                                                  C
We come in peace echoes my mind
C                                 G
Youre my sattellite, in dark, cold night
Up to the stars, reaching for life
                            C                             G
REF: And now I take my apollo for a flight 
   D                                    Em
Tonight I'm taking my moonwalk
                 C                                         G
Sun goes round me, the earth is out of sight
      D                               Em
Tonight I'm taking my moonwalk
      C                                   G
If I let the lightyears pass me by
      D                                  Em
I'm free, stop hiding your feelings
                  C              G                           D      
Here's my chance to say what's on my mind

In the ocean of space, I made a mistake
I lost my sunshine, while running away
Alone in the dark on this higher ground
I want to come back, do you read me now

Youre my satellite...