Vennaskond - Blac Flag

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    Kassett:Vaenlane ei maga (1993)

   Bb  C  F 
G  Bb  C  F

     D          G        Bb         C
Some people are gathered around the fire
    D             G          Bb         C
The black flaping flag is on top of the pole
    D           G           Bb         C
The Brotherhood standing in the autumn mire
Regards my performance of orator role

G             Bb     C      F
Black flag is flying here tonight.

No one does not call to make great contribution
Sufficient if you scribble A on the walls
You merit my taciturn still approbation
Break fences if you don't be able the walls

Again and again your desires are differing
From that you may can have to do must and ought
When mutinies and revolutions are going
We are on the spot then we raise a revolt

Like damsel the time will extend love above us
Eyes mirroring dread will be kindled in night
Then enemy stroms will be whirling beyond us
The Black Army guardsmen will angrily fight

This flag will be flying through epoch of statehood
As black as the endless and unending space
The skull will be smiling derisively at you
Until the laws judgement and prisons will stay

Indrek Heinloo